Intersectionality / Black LGBTQ+ Lives Matter

Mike Mainwaring circle.pngIntersectionality / Black LGBTQ+ Lives Matter

Written by Mike Mainwairing, Training Officer, Children in Wales


Young people do not come in neat single issue packages.  They carry with them the burden of multiple discriminations and oppressions, such as race, sexuality, gender, disability, poverty etc.  This can be difficult for young people to deal with.

Black LGBTQ+ lives matter

The other big issue of our time is the Black Lives Matters Movement.  From its inception, LGBTQ voices were at the heart of movement.  It was founded by three Black women, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, two of whom identify as queer.  As well as straight black men being killed by the Police, Trans black people have also died in custody.  We need more black LGBTQ+ role models for our young people.

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