Peer Research Project


Kate Thomas, Projects and Partnership Manager

This project is funded by The Community Knowledge Fund, through our partners The Young Foundation and UKRI. We will also be working with Egin throughout this project and thank all our partners for their support.

There have been two stages to this project. In the first phase, the young people chose the research question ‘What things get in the way of being eco-friendly according to cost, age, culture, and the area of Wales people live in?’. We developed their skills and knowledge to help them become peer researchers. They agreed on questions for a survey and focus groups for their peers.

In the second phase, we are delivering on this plan. We have released the survey and the young people will be analysing this themselves, with Children in Wales’ support. They will also co-facilitate their own focus groups in schools and youth groups to answer their research question in more depth.

We will then release our findings to the public through a report that will be co-produced with the young people.


  • To gather the views of young people in Wales about sustainability and how this relates to experiences of poverty.
  • To give the cohort of young people the skills to become peer researchers and conduct research in their own communities
  • To co-produce a report with the peer researchers based on the findings.


  • Upskill the young people through training to allow them to become peer researchers
  • Meet with the young people on a regular basis to ensure that they understand the scope of the project and that we are supporting them to achieve their agreed goals
  • Include the peer researchers in every stage of the project, including data collection, analysis, reporting and evaluation
  • Ensure ethical practice is embedded in every stage of the process, to minimise the risk of harm both to research participants and the peer researchers.