Getting Ready Project

For care experienced young people who are transitioning from care to independent living

The Getting Ready project complements the current Welsh Government ‘When I am Ready’ scheme. It provides a more intensive intervention which seeks to echo the support and guidance that non-looked after young people receive within a family setting. The project delivered by Voices from Care Cymru with Children in Wales, is supported by funding through the Welsh Government ‘Suitable Provision and Support Innovation Fund – Homelessness Prevention Grant’.

The project aims are to:

  • Provide support for young people to safely transition from care (including considerations around delaying leaving care and reducing the risk of homelessness and housing instability)
  • Facilitate wraparound community support which is more sustainable in the long-term and does not rely on future funding to deliver positive results
  • Empower young people by enhancing their knowledge and understanding of their rights and entitlements when planning to leave care
  • Build the capacity of young people to advocate for change
  • Build resilience and mechanisms which keep young people safe from homelessness and related risk, enhancing their overall wellbeing
  • Contribute to the fund’s aim of preventing homelessness and achieving housing stability amongst care leavers
  • Involve young people in the planning, delivery and evaluation of the project

A key aspect of the project has been the creation and provision of a suite of resources to enhance care experienced young people’s knowledge and understanding of their rights and entitlements when planning to leave care. Along with the delivery of accompanying workshops to young people, these resources have been used by young people and professionals to provide support for young people to safely transition from care. This will reduce the risk of homelessness and achieve housing stability amongst care leavers.


The resources specifically focus on building young people’s financial capability, in line with the core themes outlined in the Welsh Government’s Financial Inclusion Strategy document:

  1. Access to affordable credit and financial services

  2. Access to financial information, including debt advice

  3. Building financial understanding and capability

Additional Resources