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The theme of this project is a further strand of our work in enabling the Children in Wales Vision in “Building a Wales where all children and young people have all their rights fulfilled” 

It will be of interest to any organisations or anyone working with children & young people across Wales who want to engage, include, listen & value the involvement and participation of children and young people in their work.

Children in Wales are providing expert knowledge and best practice advice to the FAW on our young wales model of youth engagement and rights led approach as the FAW embark on their own journey of youth engagement through the creation of a Youth Council for Wales as per their strategic priorities in line with PAWB Home | PAWB Cymru.

The project will aim to create a positive partnership between FAW & Children in Wales whereby Children in Wales are able to offer professional advice and guidance in applying the successful Children in Wales youth engagement model, to enable the FAW youth council and further structures to be fully inclusive and delivered in line with a participatory rights approach. 

The focus will be on including young people from diverse backgrounds across Wales to have their voices heard and provide the opportunity to be upskilled and gain accreditation and learning suitable for them. 

FAW hope to use this learning and guidance to enable the youth council to be an effective and positive experience for young people in which they can in the future cascade this model at a regional and local level in grass root football.

If you are interested in this work or would like to consider how we can support your organisation to develop a participatory rights approach to involving children & young people, please contact  

Kate Thomas, Projects Manager or Lisa Sanger, Development Officer

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