Tackling the Impact of Poverty on Education Programme

Using the Price of Pupil Poverty Guides

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Abi Bryant – Development Officer


For general enquiries, contact Pupilpoverty@childreninwales.org.uk

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Tackling the Impact of Poverty on Education Programme

Currently in Wales 8 children in a class of 30 are living in poverty. This affects their daily lives, education and future life opportunities.

The Tackling the Impact of Poverty on Education Programme run by Children In Wales offers you practical steps and solutions for a whole school approach to help remove barriers and the 'cost' of learning in your school.

The Programme is funded by Welsh Government as part of their commitment to tackling increasing levels of child poverty and to improve the mental health, emotional wellbeing and attainment of all children in Wales.

School settings and the costs associated with the school day can be problematic for many learners and their families. The programme aims to support schools and educational settings across Wales to consider and implement change using the Price of Pupil Poverty Guides. There is also a Governor’s Guide available to help School Governors support their schools in making change happen.

The Price of Pupil Poverty | GOV.WALES

We have worked with a number of schools across Wales to implement the guides with much success.

“We have found the process easy to follow and have been supported throughout. There has been positive feedback from parents regarding changes we have made since taking part and we are continuing to work on actions that have arisen following the evaluation of the action plan.” Liswerry Primary School

“As a school I thought that we supported all learners, but through evaluating practice we realized that there was so much more we could do to help our families and ultimately support our pupils to be in a place ready to learn” Pembroke Primary School

To increase the involvement of more schools across Wales, Children in Wales has the following offer to enable you to address the impact of pupil poverty in your school setting:

  • An information pack and access to a number of resources to help implement the guides. This includes a ‘How to’ guide, Checklist, Action Plan example and template, Parent Survey and access to a Community Platform for the latest reports, guidance and sharing of best practice.
  • An initial meeting where required, with a Children in Wales officer, to advise on how to use resources and guides in the best way
  • A training session for staff to increase awareness of child poverty issues in Wales