Children's Third Sector


Sean O’Neill, Deputy CEO & Policy Director

Third sector organisations provide a vast range of support and deliver services directly to children, young people and families across Wales.  As the national umbrella body for children’s organisations in Wales, Children in Wales carry out a number of activities to specifically support organisations in the third sector.  

Our work in this area includes:

  • Representing the third sector through the Children and Families Network on WCVA’s Third Sector Partnership Council (TSPC), including contributing to thematic meetings with Welsh Government Ministers
  • Co-ordinating the Non-Governmental Organisations’ (NGO) National Children’s Policy Officers and the NGO National Children’s Directors’ Groups
  • Working with our member organisations to inform our surveys, reports and publications
  • Identifying opportunities to promote the key issues for children’s third sector organisations in Wales
  • Deliver training and events which will enhance the knowledge and understanding of key policy and practice issues of interest to children’s third sector organisations
  • Providing information and a signposting service for our third sector members