I was saddened to read the news of the insolvency and closure of British Youth Council, a partner of Children in Wales’ and an important, longstanding advocate for young people’s voices. This is undoubtedly a blow for young people across the UK and those of us committed to ensuring that their voices are heard in the decisions that matter to them.

As coordinators of the BYC’s UK Youth Parliament programme in Wales, my colleagues and I at Children in Wales are aware that the news has caused considerable uncertainty for young people in Wales who were involved in this work, as well as for our delivery partners.

In light of the news of BYC’s closure we have been in touch with UK Government to discuss how we move forward together and minimise uncertainty for those involved. We will do all we can to ensure that BYC’s situation does not diminish the ability of children in Wales to speak up, and be heard, on the issues that matter to them.

Hugh Russell

Chief Executive – Children in Wales