Congratulations to Amanda Amaya who has won a £50 Amazon voucher in the Parents Connect Wales ‘Capturing Life as a Parent’ photo competition.

Photo Competition News Story Winner.JPG

Throughout October 2023, Parents Connect Wales, a project by Children in Wales, used a creative way to reach out to parents to find out what life is really like for them. 

Over 160 entries were sent in, all showing their unique definition of ‘Life as a Parent.’ The images varied but collectively summarised both the joys and challenges of parenting as well as the key elements of ‘positive parenting.’   

The 6 key themes Parents Connect Wales encountered were: 

  • Challenging  

  • Messy and unpredictable  

  • 24/7  

  • Willingness to adapt   

  • Special and joyful moments  

  • Nurturing   

Many parents reading this will recognise and empathise with the themes highlighted. Parenting comes with both highs and lows, but concepts such as ‘nurturing’ and ‘willingness to adapt’ highlight the resilience and compassion of many families across the country.  

It was very humbling and inspiring to see freeze frames of so many people’s lives, perfectly encapsulating the idea of a parent’s journey.  

Whilst the winning draw was randomised, we were very touched by Amanda’s entry which was titled “Watching you grow is my greatest joy.”  Simple, but poignant, it perfectly captivated the theme of the competition and we are so excited to share it with you now. 

Photo Competition News Story.JPG

The photo competition was part of a wider consultation that Parents Connect Wales undertook. The aim was to gather information from parents regarding the support and information they need in their parenting journey from birth to 18 and to gauge awareness of parenting support from the Welsh Government and the Parenting Give it Time Website and Campaign.  

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. We value your feedback and are glad to help in amplifying the voices of parents, enabling them to inform and shape the policies of the Welsh Government. 

To find out more about Parents Connect Wales go to the project page here.