The Peace and Goodwill Message is unique to Wales, and has been delivered annually for 100 years by the young people of Wales, addressed to young people all over the world. 2022's Message focuses on the Climate Emergency.

Centenary Peace and Goodwill Message: The Climate Emergency

The Urdd's centenary message of Peace and Goodwill focuses on the climate emergency. It is a call to action by the children and young people of Wales to the young people of the world, to use the importance and power of their voice to urge governments and large corporations to take urgent action to save our planet. It's time to wake up!

The Urdd established a partnership with Aberystwyth University and a group of its students to create the centenary message, which represents the voice of children and young people in Wales. Focusing on the theme of climate emergency, the young people use their voice to create a powerful message that emphasizes the need for action before it is too late.

To deepen the international importance of the message, a formal partnership was formed between Aberystwyth University students and a group of students from the University of Life Sciences in Norway. A virtual workshop was held with students from both universities to discuss the subject and share different ideas and cultures.

The Climate Emergency - Peace and Goodwill Message

Urdd's climate emergency message is a call to action to the world, to use the significance and power of our voices to urge governments and large corporations to take urgent action to prevent further climate change. Their centenary peace message was created in collaboration with Aberystwyth University students. You can read the message here.