Children in Wales have been fortunate in receiving funding from The Young Foundation and UK Research and Innovation to train up a group of young people about research and the techniques they will need to conduct a piece of research based on the environment. The young people came together for the first time on Saturday 3rd June.

They learnt about the project, what research is and methods of researching and had fun with plasticene and each other. The Training is being delivered by Elaine Speyer, Independent Research Consultant with support from Children in Wales staff. They will complete the training and develop their research proposal over the next two months and hopefully be successful in gaining funding to conduct their research with young people across Wales.

They have come up with a working title:

“Sustainability and the cost of living a sustainable life. What things get in the way of being eco-friendly according to cost, age, culture, and the area of Wales people live in?”

What one of the young people said:

“I had an amazing time!”