The Welsh Government has committed to tackling period poverty for young girls by allocating funding to the issue. A £3.3million fund will benefit every school, college and nursery across Wales, allowing them to make sanitary products available to any learner who may need them. This action aims to allow girls to continue their education without suffering a loss of dignity due to period poverty. On top of this each local authority will be allocated part of a £220,000 fund to help provide free sanitary protection in community areas such as libraries and hubs. With actions like these, the Welsh Government aim to tackle period poverty, whilst increasing period dignity. Tackling period dignity involve addressing period poverty by ensuring the free products are available to women and girls, but more specifically, in a practical and dignified way. This movement has been very prominent in Youth Councils across Wales. Two members from Carmarthenshire's Youth Council saying they were shocked to discover girls were missing out on their education due to period poverty, with one in ten girls between 14-21 being unable to afford sanitary products. Because of this, they decided to begin a successful campaign against period poverty in their county, even joining with The Body Shop in Carmarthenshire to ensure girls have access to sanitary products every day, not just when they're in school.