Poverty and Children’s Early Learning Webinar

For this webinar, Children in Wales worked alongside representatives from Save the Children UK and Wales, who gave an overview of their approaches to tackling the inequalities that children and families living in poverty are facing.   

Save the Children discussed their Early Years Framework, UK evidence and direct insight from their work in Wales, showing that the voices of children and families are key to their examples of best practice, co-design and innovation.  They are working to secure a sustainable reduction in the number of children growing up in poverty, and to narrow the early learning gap between children growing up in poverty and their better off peers.   

Save the Children believe this is possible if more children have their basic needs met, and receive help which enables them to play, learn and reach their full potential.  

Melanie Simmonds, Head of Save the Children Wales 
Tracy Jackson, Head of Early Years, Save the Children UK 


“Great to share information and be part of this collective stream of tackling poverty and supporting families and the early years”