Child and Family Poverty Survey Webinar 2023

At this webinar delegates heard about the key findings from the Children in Wales Annual Child and Family Poverty Survey Report.  

Now in its 7th year, the survey seeks to gain more understanding of the facts and lived experiences behind the figures, and the impact poverty has on children, young people and their families.  Crucially, the surveys allow children, young people, practitioners and professionals to share their views and experiences of poverty in Wales and to highlight the issues that are being faced right now, on a daily basis.  The reports are available here: Children in Wales | Children in Wales launches its 7th Annual Child & Family Poverty Survey Findings Report

Delegates heard how 28% of children in Wales live in poverty and all local authorities continue to experience high rates of child poverty.  Whilst the child poverty rate appears to have gone down in the 2023 reporting period, unfortunately there is very little ‘good news’ reflecting that in this report.  Again, practitioners share a bleak picture of the impact poverty has on thousands of children and young people across Wales.  It is wholly unacceptable that in seven years, since these annual surveys began, arguably very little has changed for our children and young people.

"Thank you for presenting this crucial evidence of the lived experience of children and young people and their families in Wales"

"Having the quotes from children it made it more real and impactful."

You can download the survey here.