Child and Family Poverty Survey Webinar 2022

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At this webinar, delegates heard key findings from Children in Wales 6th Annual Child and Family Poverty Survey Report.  This report shares the experiences and views of practitioners and professionals working with over 41,500 families across Wales and, importantly, hear the voices and experiences of children and young people themselves.  The reports are available here: Children in Wales | Children in Wales launches its 6th Annual Child & Family Poverty Survey Findings Report

Poverty has an impact on all aspects of children’s and families’ lives, from eating to heating; education and opportunities; to physical and emotional health.  Whilst last year’s findings were bleak, this year shows a worsening situation across all areas. Many more families are now struggling, with practitioners describing those who were struggling last year, as now being in crisis.

Children and young people themselves echoed many of the practitioners’ findings.  They gave descriptions of being unable to concentrate at school due to hunger, feeling lonely and isolated and being worried about families’ finances and the impact this has on their parents’ mental health.


Karen McFarlane, Policy Officer: Poverty and Vulnerable Children, Children in Wales  and author of the report


"This gave some real food for thought in terms of what impact poverty has on learners and what we might need to consider when developing activities."

"An incredibly stark and harrowing report, brilliantly presented"

"Incredibly empowering and impactful."

"Really sobering but incredibly interesting presentation. I'm glad to have been able to attend. Thanks!"