Listening to our Youngest Children - Perspectives from across the UK

This conference was the first annual conference of the Children’s Rights in Early Years (CREY) network.  Delegates heard from numerous inspirational and knowledgeable speakers, from across the UK, about sharing best practice and current work around listening to the voices of young children.

The conference highlighted the importance of engaging with our youngest of children and how even babies can have a voice.


"Always wonderful to be in the midst of like-minded colleagues. We need to ensure all voices are heard, the big & the little, the loud & the whispers are considered as valuable. Thank you so much for the interesting conversations and presentations."


"A great afternoon with such varied information and insight in to voices of the previously unheard. Pupil voice is so important."


"My brain is slowly exploding – a fantastic afternoon, so many interesting presentation. Going to be doing some serious reading over the next few weeks."