What Parents in Wales are telling us

Supporting Parents Infographic

Between September and October 2023, ‘Parents Connect Wales’ carried out a consultation with parents/carers.

These are the key findings from 267 responses to our online survey and 357 responses to the Mentimeter poll, as parents share their views on what parenting support and advice they need and where they go to get it.

Please see the infographic below.


'Top Issues’ Infographic

‘Parents across Wales shared their views on the main issues that are facing children today. 166 parents shared over 400 issues that they felt were impacting their children.’

These were captured in the infographic below.

Parents have told us that these are the top issues facing them at the moment and these have been shared with Welsh Government. The voice of parents is important and we need to continue hearing from parents to ensure that the right support is offered at the right time

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Support with these issues

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