Parent stories and journeys

Parent stories and journeys 

Listen to the real-life journey of parents from the Parent Network in Caerphilly and Trinant and how they became empowered to take part and have a voice. These videos were co-produced by Children in Wales and the Parent Network. 


A group of parents from The Parent Network share with us their personal experiences of getting involved and having their voice heard.


Charlotte overcame social anxiety and has built her confidence and self-esteem. She is now an active community member, running activities and events. She proactively gets involved with consultations and gets her voice heard.  

Kaylee shares how her struggles over the last 13 years had left her in a dark place, until she started attending the Parent Network and begun building her confidence. She now enjoys helping other parents and supporting them. 

Sian was invited to attend a group by friends, she was shy at the start but after the support she has received, she has grown in confidence and is now a volunteer and training to be a Parent Champion. 

Cheryl first attended the Network 10 years ago and since then has gone on to volunteer to help other parents and being an advocate for people with additional needs. The Network has helped Cheryl see people and treat people differently and to appreciate what she has.  

Shauna left behind a career in hairdressing and joined the Network as a Junior Admin, she is now a key member of staff who enjoys taking on new challenges. She has grown so much as a person and loves what she does, and all her family have benefited and grown in confidence.  

Kristalee is in recovery from a cannabis addiction and experiences severe mental health difficulties. Since joining the Parent Network she has been shown what it is to be supported and encouraged to have a voice and opinion, she has gone on to support other parents and become a volunteer.  

Amy shares her journey from being a parent attending the Network, to now being a Development Co-ordinator for the Network and her enjoyment of being part of something she truly believes in. 

Rachel shares her amazing journey from attending a coffee morning to winning a Kings Coronation award for her volunteering. 


Before Jennifer attended Parent Network she lacked confidence, but after attendings groups she has grown as a person and has done things she never thought she would do, like dressing up as a monster. Jennifer has now found herself and she is in her happy place.  

Carla shares her story and journey from the challenges she experienced to volunteering and being a Parent Champion. The Network has provided the opportunity to do things with her children that she wouldn’t have had the courage or funds to do on her own, while building her confidence and support network. 

Since attending for the first time and experiencing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Joanna hasn't looked back. The Network has built her confidence and self-esteem and given her new experiences. Joanna now puts on community events, including talent shows and carnivals and wouldn't be where she is was now without the help and support of the Network.