All Wales Children and Young People's Advocacy Providers’ Group

Contact - Sean O’Neill, Policy Director

Membership of the group consists of independent professional advocacy (IPA) services commissioned to deliver advocacy to children and young people in Wales, alongside organisations with a related role in promoting the rights of care experienced children and other vulnerable groups who may benefit from advocacy provision. 

Representation includes:

PA services -  NYAS Cymru and TGP Cymru

Voices from Care Cymru

SNAP Cymru

MEIC Helpline - ProMo Cymru

Welsh Government

Children's Commissoner for Wales Office (Observer)

Other organisations will be invited to attend Network meetings where there is a clear link with the advocacy agenda.

Children in Wales established this professional network in 2004 to promote partnership working amongst our member organisations, who deliver independent advocacy services for children and young people across Wales. This network works towards providing a collective voice for the advocacy sector, developing policy positions and strategies to aid the implementation of both legislation and policy at a national level, and the delivery of commissioned services at a regional level.

The professional network works towards these aims by:

  • Engaging with Welsh Government on commissioning arrangements, the effectiveness of the tendering process and the implementation of key legislation and related guidance
  • Informing the delivery of the National Approach to Statutory Advocacy (NASA)
  • Providing a collective campaigning/lobbying voice for the advocacy sector, and children and young people accessing advocacy support
  • To share good practice within the framework of the National Advocacy Standard
  • To provide a united voice on key issues around statutory systems
  • To raise the profile of advocacy across all services, with particular regard to all vulnerable groups
  • To seek equity of funding across Wales
  • To discuss and collaborate on responses to appropriate Welsh Government consultations
  • To engage and support the delivery of the MEIC helpline
  • To engage with the Children’s Commissioner for Wales on issues related to advocacy