Welcome to Your Vote Week 2023: Monday 30 January – Sunday 5 February 

Get involved with Welcome to Your Vote Week 2023 and start the conversation about democracy and politics with the young people you work with. 

For 2023, Welcome to Your Vote Week’s theme is ‘our democracy’. We’re emphasising that democracy is for everyone, and that democracy is taking place all around us. 

We’re asking teachers and educators to help young people to learn more about their democracy and their vote by delivering democratic education during the week. Use our resources to run an activity to discuss what democracy means, and how everyone can be involved and have their say.

To get involved with the week, why not deliver a lesson, an assembly, a registration drive, an off-timetable democracy day, a couple of short activities, or any other democratic education event? Encourage your young people to have their say by inviting their input to Welcome to Your Vote Week plans.

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