Since the summer of 2023, we have been working with a group of young people to develop their skills to help them become peer researchers. The young people have used these skills to develop a survey and questions for focus groups for their peers, working in partnership with staff in Children in Wales.

This project is funded by The Community Knowledge Fund, through our partners The Young Foundation and UKRI. We will also be working with Egin throughout this project and thank all our partners for their support.

The young people chose the research question ‘What things get in the way of being eco-friendly according to cost, age, culture, and the area of Wales people live in?’

We are incredibly excited to announce that the survey is now open! We would love for anyone under the age of 18 living in Wales to fill out the survey, no matter how interested they are in climate change. We really want to gather a range of views on the issue. We will be closing the survey on Thursday 7th March.

The young people and staff at Children in Wales have developed 2 surveys, a shorter version for younger children (around 7-11) and a longer version for older children (around 12-18).

The links are:  (younger version) (older version)

We would also love to hear from you if you/any young people you work with are interested in joining or hosting a focus group to talk to us more about this issue.

Please get in touch: