Children in Wales have released a new game aimed at care experienced children and young people. It is a simple roll the dice game where children and young people can have a say on what matters to them, ask questions and get involved in care and support planning. It isn't meant to be too time consuming, it can be played in 5 mins or 30! It can be used during a visit or meeting to break the ice, have fun and start a conversation.

Play and children's rights - why is play so important?

Play helps children and young people stay safe, healthy and happy It gives them opportunities to explore and understand their culture. Its inclusive and breaks down barriers. Children have a right to play under the UNCRC (Article 31), they also have a right to have a say in decision making and be listened to (Article 12). This game bridges the gap between the two and invites professionals working with children and young people to do things differently! Collaboration and partnership working is one of the key principles of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014. Now more than ever, children and young people's voices should be included in care and support planning. You can access the game and instructions here:

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