Annual Child and Family Poverty Survey 2022 now live!

The 2022 Children in Wales Annual Child & Family Poverty Surveys are now closed.  Thank you to everyone who took part.  The findings are currently being analysed and the final report is expected to be published on 14 September 2022.


In the meantime, you can view the 2021 findings here: Child_Poverty_Survey_Report_2021_English_v7.pdf (


Children in Wales has been carrying out an Annual Child & Family Poverty Survey for the last five years, helping us to understand the issues and impact poverty on children, young people and families in Wales. We have again worked with the End Child Poverty Network Cymru (ECPN) to inform our questions.

The findings from last year’s surveys were bleak and unacceptable, but they have already been used to update, inform and change policy and practice. This needs to continue. We know that those living in poverty have been hardest hit by the pandemic and this is further exacerbated by the recent increases to the cost of living.

We are looking for your experiences and views, helping us to provide and share further information about the impact poverty has on the children, young people and families in Wales.