Positive Mental Health Webinar

Practical Mindfulness and Wellbeing for Positive Mental Health

At this webinar delegates heard about the various difficulties young people experience with mental health and looked at how to build resilience, maintain and improve wellbeing.  The webinar examined the different types of mental health, the behaviours that can accompany them and how to support children and young people.

The webinar helped to:

* Raise awareness of mental health issues
* Give a better understanding of mental health such as depression, anxiety
* Consider what works in building resilience, increasing wellbeing and offering support 


"The knowledge gained today has helped raise my confidence approaching young people to discuss mental health"

"The part on brain development and fight/flight/flock etc.. was great. particularly the tips to address each area such as making an effort to build a relationship with peers or trusted people of those in the 'flock' response"

"Relevant content that flowed well with enough golden nugget tips to boost my performance and confidence when faced with mental health issues among the young people I work with"