The Governors’ Guide is a new resource specifically developed for Governors in Wales, which aims to act as a practical guide in how they can help support schools in Tacking the Impact of Poverty in Education.

The resource builds on the past success of The Price of Pupil Poverty Guides which has been used successfully with many schools across Wales as an effective tool for mitigating the impact of poverty within school settings.

The impact of poverty on learners from lower income families is well documented and affects both wellbeing and attainment. The associated costs of the school day can exacerbate this and practical day-to-day school life can become problematic for both learners and their families as a result.

The new guide replicates and considers the importance of the 5 key areas of the price of pupil poverty guides, including:
Understanding Poverty
School Uniform and Clothing
Food and Hunger
Participation in the life of the School
Home-School Relationship

The guide provides practical support, advice and solutions on removing financial barriers to pupil participation, to ensure that learners do not miss out on opportunities to be fully involved in their school life as a result of poverty. Written specifically for Governors, this guide provides an insight into each of the five key areas of the Guides from a Governor perspective, and also looks at school policies, Welsh Government funding and projects to tackle poverty in schools. As a governor, you can play a key role in supporting your school to tackle the impact of poverty on the school day for all learners, and we are pleased to share this new resource to help you create positive change within your schools.

Governors’ Resource

Tackling The Impact of Poverty in Education

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