Parents Connect Wales is a project led by Children in Wales and funded by Welsh Government. It focuses on empowering the voices of parents and carers to promote children’s rights. 

As part of this work, we have created and designed the ‘Parents Connect Wales’ Online Hub which was officially launched at a webinar held on February 27th 2024.  

You can view the hub here: Children in Wales | Parents Connect Wales Hub 

The Hub was designed to be a helpful resource for parents and carers across Wales, providing them with tips, guidance and the latest updates on our projects and other work they might benefit from.  

It is also a great tool for organisations looking to engage with parents and carers, with resources co-produced by Parents Connect Wales using focus groups with the Parent Network in Caerphilly. 

Thank you to all those who attended the launch webinar, with special thanks to our guest speakers from EYST Wales, Torfaen Sports Development and KidCare4U, who are all active partners of the project. 

There are a range of resources live on the Hub, including: 

  • A photo gallery of the ‘Life as a parent’ photo competition entries 

  • Parenting support services in all the local authorities in Wales  

  • The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) 

  • Real-life video stories of parents from the Parent Network in Caerphilly 

Don’t forget to visit the new online Hub to explore the resources and information now available!  

The project has also created a short form for professionals to sign up to the Parents Connect Wales Professionals’ Directory. This will allow the project to gather information to support networking and partnership working. 

To sign up to the professional directory, please click the link below: 

Parents Connect Wales Professional Forum (