Children in Wales, in collaboration with the Football Association of Wales (FAW), have launched an exciting new project aimed at empowering young voices in shaping the future of football in Wales.  

The initiative aims to support the National Youth Council of the FAW actively participate in the decision-making processes that impact the sport of football. The role of the National Youth Council and its members is to represent the voice of children and young people advising on the policy and development of football in Wales. The National Youth Council will be integral in establishing regional Youth Councils throughout Wales, influencing policy and decision making at all levels along with supporting the organisation and delivery of the annual FAW Youth conference.  

Last Saturday saw the FAW hold a face-to-face meeting at their Head Quarters located at the Vale of Glamorgan in Hensol, bringing Children in Wales, key members of the FAW and the current established National Youth Council members together. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as attendees eagerly discussed the potential future of the National Youth Council and how they can bring about positive change in Welsh football. Children in Wales attended the event offering their expert knowledge in youth engagement and participation.  

At the heart of the project is the belief that young people should have a voice because their perspectives, insights, and experiences are invaluable in shaping a more inclusive, equitable, and representative society. By establishing the National Youth Council, Children in Wales and the FAW aim to create a space where young individuals can voice their opinions, share ideas, and influence the direction of football initiatives at both local and national level. 

With the support of Children in Wales and the FAW, the National Youth Council is poised to become a driving force for progression and innovation in Welsh football, ensuring that the sport remains vibrant, inclusive, and reflective of the values of its participants.  

“The Football Association of Wales are pleased to be working with Children in Wales on this groundbreaking initiative, placing young people at the forefront of decision-making. Through the National and Regional Youth Councils, young leaders will guide policy, drive development, and ignite positive change across the nation. With passion and purpose, together we're building a more inclusive and vibrant football community, where every voice matters." - Jason Webber, Senior Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability Manager, Football Association of Wales / Carys Ingram Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability Executive, Football Association of Wales 


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