Nigel Oanea-Cram Circle.pngDigital Transformation and the Power of Youth

Written by Nigel Oanea‑Cram, Development Officer ‑ Care experienced children, Children in Wales

You are reading this article on our new website. A website that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our fantastic group of young volunteers, young people from our Young Wales project and members such as Voices from Care Cymru. Today is #PowerofYouth Day. We would like to thank the young people that have played a key part in transforming our website and branding. 

In particular, our Young Person’s Digital Transformation Group have played a key part in the process. Helping us work our way through a change of branding and a new website. This has been despite the challenges of lockdown, home-schooling and not being able to see their friends and family. 

The group has:

  • Given suggestions for what our Children in Wales and Young Wales logo should look like 
  • Focused on making sure the branding is inclusive 
  • Given feedback on the original website design which led to changes in how the website would work 
  • Helped create an interactive quiz for the site- which will be launching soon 
  • Given feedback about how some articles on the site were written, making us think more about how we write for the website 


We are excited to be starting on the next stage of our digital journey with our young volunteers. We are looking for young people to help us create new content and be a critical eye to the work we post on our website and social media. 

Interested in writing, creating short videos, social media or anything else to do with digital?

Join our Young Person’s Group to: 

  • Gain valuable experience with a national charity 
  • Develop your skills 
  • Meet young people with similar interests 

For more information you can email me directly: