Last year saw the very successful Welsh Government funded project – Dangos – raise the awareness of financial issues for over 3,500 frontline workers in Wales.

What is Dangos?

Dangos is the Welsh Government funded initiative to raise awareness and knowledge about the help that's available to people in Wales.

It provides free online information sessions for front-line workers and gives them an information pack and access to eLearning courses about welfare benefits.

Dangos 2 

This year, a second round of Dangos is about to start – even bigger and better.

As well as the basic courses they ran last year, this year they are also offering a range of intermediate level sessions for people with more experience.

These intermediate sessions are designed for people who want a refresher of their existing knowledge and practice.  They’re still not designed to turn people into advisers but they’re great for people who attended the basic courses or who’ve been working with people in need of support for a while.  There’ll be sessions with more focus for those particularly interested in housing, health care or social care and also for those who want a bit more detail on benefits.  (The main content is common, so Dangos don’t recommend doing multiple sessions).  The aim of these is to broaden people awareness of the wide range of help from different sources in Wales and to encourage working together.

Dangos all know that tens of millions of pounds in benefits and other help currently goes unclaimed in Wales. That’s money which can make a real difference in families’ lives and their futures.

Dangos aims to increase the knowledge and awareness about the availability of help for frontline workers. That is people who are in day-to-day contact, whether paid or voluntary, with families who might need extra help.

Their free online sessions to frontline workers throughout Wales will be starting in May 2022 and continuing into 2023. Both levels of course will be three-hour long sessions, very interactive and supported by information packs, and, for those who want it, free access to more detailed e-learning courses about the benefits system and how it works.

The Dangos website gives more details and allows people to register, individually, for sessions. The website is at and

If you would like any more information, or are interested in in-house sessions, please contact us at or