History of Pride

Mike Mainwaring circle.pngHistory of Pride

Written by Mike Mainwairing, Training Officer, Children in Wales

The Stonewall Riots was a massive turning point in LGBTQ+ her/history.  You could argue that there was pre- and a post-Stone wall history.  Basically venues gay people met in were illegal in America and were controlled by the Mafia.  The Mafia “protected” gay establishments from being hassled by the Police but of course the Police had to be seen to being doing something about the gays now and then.  One night the clientele of the Stonewall bar on Christopher St in New York was turned over by the Police but the drag queens, transsexuals and gays decided to fight back (these were terms used at the time).  This started three days of rioting which eventually lead to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the USA.  It had been decriminalised in Britain in 1967.  Decriminalisation was just the start of a long and difficult journey for equal rights for LGBTQ+ people.

Pride was set up to celebrate the Stonewall Riots and Pride Month celebrates the month in 1969 when the Stonewall Riots occurred.  It happened on 28th June.  Those involved included Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, two Trans women of colour who fought for LGBTQ+ rights.  The hard work that some Trans people put into Gay Liberation didn’t necessarily mean their conditions and rights improved as Trans people.

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