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Healthy relationships leaflet

Young Wales has linked up with Live Fear Free to develop a leaflet aimed at raising awareness amongst young people about Healthy Relationships, as part of the Welsh Government Live Fear Free campaign.

Healthy relationships leaflet Cover


#Say no Anti-Bullying Week resource pack

The Preventing Bullying Behaviour Group and the Young Wales Anti Bullying Network have designed a short and snappy campaign that lets everyone know about anti bullying week!  We have 2 campaigns that you can sign up to that will not only promote anti bullying week but will amplify the voice of children and young people on one of the key issues that affect them.


#Say no Anti-Bullying Week resource pack Cover


Bullying Features in Children in Wales magazine

The Spring 2014 edition of Children in Wales magazine contained a number of articles looking at issues relating to bullying.  These included an article from Dr Emily Lovegrove on how to empower those who are being bullied, Funky Dragons’ column highlighting recent research on the prevalence of bullying in Wales and a feature from the Ethnic Youth Support Team on challenging racism and far right extremism.

Bullying Features in Children in Wales magazine Cover