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Strategy documents


A five year vision of maternity care in Wales, 03/07/2019 [W]

Minister for Health and Social Services, Vaughan Gething AM, has…


Strategic Equality Plan and Equality Objectives 2016–2020, 19/12/16 [W]

The Welsh Government has published their revised Strategic Equality Plan…


The national youth work strategy for Wales, 20/02/14 [W]

This is the new strategy for youth work in Wales, from 2014-18.


National model for regional working, 17/02/14 [W]

This is the Welsh Government’s framework for school improvement.


Third Sector Scheme, 31/01/14 [W]

The Welsh Government has produced a new Third Sector Scheme….


Policy statement on skills, 30/01/14 [W]

This is the Welsh Government’s ten-year strategy to improve skills levels in over-16s.


Final Budget 2014-15, 03/12/2013 [W]

The Welsh Government’s budget for 2014-15 has been published.


Well-being statement for people who need care and support and carers who need support, 16/04/13 [W]

The Welsh Government has produced a statement setting out the Welsh Government’s commitment to achieving well-being for people who need care and support.


The Journey So Far, 30/03/11 [W]

This is an update to the policy agenda for disabled Children ‘We are on the way’, produced by the Welsh Assembly in 2008.