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This section provides details of a range of statistical publications.



Student support applications for higher education, 19/12/13 [W]

This monthly statistical release shows the number of applications received and grants awared for student support in Wales.


Economic inactivity, 21/11/13 [W]

This report shows estimates of economic inactivity rates for men and women between 16-64 in Wales and the UK.


Substance misuse, 20/11/13 [W]

This Welsh Government statistical report includes data on those seen at drug and alcohol treatment agencies across Wales.


Homelessness, 18/12/13 [W]

This is a quarterly report by the Welsh Government, giving statistics on homelessness in Wales.


NHS community contraceptive services, 13/11/13 [W]

This annual report gives information about the number of men and women attending clinics and their main choice of contraception.


Youth service, 13/11/13 [W]

This annual report provides data on the number of young people taking part in the Youth Service in Wales, as well as information on the service such as finance and accreditation.


Student support applications for higher education, 14/11/13 [C]

This statistical report is produced monthly by the Welsh Government, and gives details of applications received for student support, and the number of grants awarded.


Key economic statistics, 15/11/13 [W]

This monthly Welsh Government publication looks at the current economic situation, giving statistics on employment and earnings.


NHS dental services, 19/11/13 [W]

The Welsh Government has produced a statistical report on the number of patients receiving NHS dental treatment.


National population projections, 06/11/13 [W]

This statistical report gives data on trend-based population projections by age and gender.