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This section provides details of a range of statistical publications.



Academic achievement and entitlement to free school meals, 22/01/14 [W]

These Welsh Government report gives statistics on achievement at key stages 1-4, linked with information about the pupil’s entitltment to free school meals.


Key stage 2 and 3 assessment performance for Wales: Comparison with England and its regions, 23/01/14 [W]

This annual report compares results in England and Wales for Stage 2 and 3 assessments.


Jobs Growth Wales, 23/01/14 [W]

The statistical report is produced monthly by the Welsh Government, and gives data on the number of jobs created and filled by the Jobs Growth Wales programme.


Jobs Growth Wales, 24/12/13 [W]

This monthly statistical release gives information on the number of job opportunities created and filled, and other management information from the Jobs Growth Wales scheme.


Pupils leaving full-time education with no qualifications, 28/11/13 [W]

This statistical report gives information about the number of young people aged 15 leaving school without a formal qualification.


Student support for higher education, 28/11/13 [W]

This annual report by the Student Loans Company gives information on financial support for Welsh students during 2012/13 and provisional data going into this academic year.


Family spending, 11/12/13 [W]

This statistical report gives details on weekly spending and expendable income for families in Wales.


Key economic statistics, 18/12/13 [W]

This monthly report from the Welsh Government report gives information on employment levels and income in Wales.


Education Maintenance Allowances (EMA) awarded in Wales, 18/12/13 [W]

This statistical report gives information on EMA awards given in Wales each month.


Absenteeism from primary schools, 18/12/13 [W]

The Welsh Government has released its annual report giving data on unauthorised absences of school-age children.