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This section provides details of a range of statistical publications.



Household projections, 27/02/14 [W]

This report gives statistics on households and population in Wales.


Births and infant mortality, 27/02/14 [W]

This statistical report is produced annually, and gives details on births and infant mortality along with information about age of mother, births outside of marriage, fertility rates and weight of baby.


Substance misuse, 18/02/14 [W]

This statistical report gives details of treatment given for alcohol and drug misuse by agencies in Wales.


Educational attainment of young people by age 19, 20/02/14 [W]

This statistical report contains information on level of academic and educational achievement of young people up to the age of 19.


Student support applications for higher education, 13/02/14 [W]

These statistics show how many students applied for Higher Education grants, and how many were awarded.


Key economic statistics, 21/02/14 [W]

This monthly report gives information on income and employment levels in Wales.


Education Maintenance Allowances (EMA) awarded in Wales, 12/02/14 [W]

This monthly report gives details of applications for EMA, with data of learning centre, gender of the students, and the value of the allowance awarded.


School statistics by Assembly constituency and region, 29/01/14 [W]

This statistical report by the Welsh Government contains a range of information on pupils in Welsh schools, including free school meals, special educational needs, ethnicity, national identity, absenteeism and educational attainment.


Key economic statistics, 24/01/14 [W]

This monthly report from the Welsh Government gives information on employment and earnings.


Young people road casualties, 09/01/14 [W]

The Welsh Government report gives data on the number of young people aged 16-24 injured in car accidents over the last year.