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Research and Other Reports

This section provides details of research and a wide range of other reports that impact on children and young people.



Flying Start: Qualitative research with high need families, 14/10/13 [W]

This research looks at the experiences of high-need parents who are involved with the Welsh Government’s Flying Start programme.


Chief Medical Officer for Wales Annual Report 2012-13: Healthier, Happier, Fairer, 09/10/13 [W]

In this report, the Chief Medical Officer for Wales gives details of the current state of the nation’s health, and reccomends ways that public health could be improved.


Children’s Commissioner for Wales Annual Report 2012/13, 08/10/13 [W]

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales has published the annual report, detailing the work that has been done over the last year.


Too Young to Fail, 08/10/13 [W/E/NI/S]

Save The Children have published new research on the life chances of children from poorer backgrounds.


The National Health Service Finance (Wales) Bill, 07/10/13 [W]

The research service of the National Service for Wales has produced a summary of the National Health Service Finance (Wales) Bill.


Good practice in mathematics at key stage 4 – October 2013, 07/10/13 [W]

Estyn, the education watchdog, has produced a thematic report on standards in maths at Key Stage 4.


No one noticed, no one heard: a study of disclosures of childhood abuse, 04/10/13 [W/E/NI/S]

This report by the NSPCC describes the childhood experiences of young people who experienced abuse, and how they came to disclose the abuse and seek help.


Lost After Care: Monitoring Report 2013, 03/10/13 [W]

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales has published the annual follow-up to Lost in Care, which detailed the experiences of young people preparing to leave care.


The ICT Steering Group’s report to the Welsh Government, 03/10/13 [W]

This report makes recommendations to the Welsh Government on the future of ICT and computer science in schools.


Programme for Government Annual Report, 05/06/13 [W]

The Welsh Government has published its Annual Report, which gives information on progress made on its Programme for Government.