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Research and Other Reports

This section provides details of research and a wide range of other reports that impact on children and young people.



Public Health Wales Position Statement – E Cigarettes or electronic nicotine delivery systems, 11/12/13 [W]

Public Health Wales has made a position statement on e-cigarettes, after reviewing the available evidence to help health professionals and the public be more informed about the products.


Working together to tackle the impact of poverty on educational achievement – December 2013, 10/12/13 [W]

Estyn, the Welsh education inspectorate, has produced a report giving recommendations on how to support disadvantaged learners and break the link between poverty and educational achievement.


Sustainable Social Services for Wales update, 07/12/13 [W]

This monthly update gives details of the Welsh Government’s work relating to the social services reforms in Wales.


National evaluation of Flying Start, 05/12/13 [W]

The Welsh Government has published an impact report on the Flying Start programme.


Child Product Safety Guide, 05/12/13 [W/E/S/NI]

The European Child Safety Alliance, along with partners and sponsers has produced a new guide to products designed for children and their carers that may be potentially dangerous.


Achievement of 15 year olds: Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) National Report, 03/12/13 [W]

These is a report produced by the National Foundation for Educational Research, after testing the ability of pupils in reading, mathematics and science.


Smoking in cars carrying children, 29/11/13 [W]

This Welsh Government research explores public attitudes to restricting smoking in cars with children in them, with the aim of informing future legislation in this area.


Child Poverty Strategy – Progress Report 2013, 29/11/13 [W]

This Welsh Government report gives an update on progress made since the introduction of the Child Poverty Strategy in 2011.


Higher Education Finances report, 21/11/13 [W]

The Welsh Audit Office have produced a report on the finances of the Welsh Higher Education system.


The Welsh Government Contribution to the 5th UK state party report for the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

This is the Welsh Government’s contribution towards the report that the UK submits to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child every five years.