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Research and Other Reports

This section provides details of research and a wide range of other reports that impact on children and young people.



Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill – Bill Summary of changes at stage 3, 11/03/14 [W]

The Research Service of the National Assembly for Wales has…


Participation levels in Sport inquiry report, 10/03/14 [W]

The Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee of the National…


Flying Start – Research note, 03/03/14 [W]

The National Assembly for Wales Research Service has produced a research note about the Flying Start programme.


Evaluating the Foundation Phase, 03/03/14 [W]

The Welsh Government has released a technical report and update on evaluating the Foundation Phase.


Empowerment and Responsibility: Legislative Powers to Strengthen Wales, 03/03/14 [W]

The Commission on Devolution in Wales has published its second report into the financial and constitutional arrangements in Wales.


Public attitudes to organ donation, 25/02/14 [W]

This research looked into the attitudes of people in Wales aged over 16 to organ and tissue donation.


Feasibility Report into measuring the subjective well-being of people who need care and support, 19/02/14 [W]

The Welsh Institute of Health and Social Care has carried out research for the Welsh Government, examining how the Welsh Government might best obtain measures of subjective well-being of people who need care and support alongside consideration of a number of relevant issues.


Analysing the impact of the UK Government’s welfare reforms in Wales – Stage 3 Analysis Part 2: Impacts in local authority areas, 17/02/14 [W]

This is the final in the 3 part series of research analysis by the Welsh Government’s ministerial Task and Finish Group on Welfare Reform.


Attitudes to parenting practices and child discipline, 17/02/14 [W]

This report discusses the results of research into parents’ views on methods of discipline for children.


Education (Wales) Bill: Summary of changes made at Stage 2, 12/02/14 [W]

The National Assembly for Wales research service has produced a summary document giving details of the changes made to the Education (Wales) Bill at the Committee stage.