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Booklets and Leaflets

This section provides details of booklets and leaflets of interest to those working with children and young people.



Play Wales publications 2016

During 2016, Play Wales have produced and circulated a variety…


Understanding how your child’s school is performing, 21/01/15 [W]

This information leaflet is aimed at parents and carers, and…


Bringing Fathers In: free resources for advocates, practitioners and researchers, 05/12/14 [W/E/NI/S]

The Fatherhood Institute has  developed a series of information resource sheets to…


Reduce the risk of cot death, 20/03/14 [W]

This leaflet gives advice on reducing the risks of cot…


Funding and Information: Assistance for the Arts, 10/01/14 [W]

This guide was produced by the National Assembly for Wales.


Funding and Information: Assistance for Sport in Wales – Constituent factsheet, 10/01/14 [W]

This guide was produced by the National Assembly for Wales Research Service.


Sexual Exploitation: Sex, Secrets and Lies, 31/10/13 [W/E/NI/S]

This booklet, made by Barnardo’s, explains the risks that young people face and ways of keeping safe.


School Organisation Proposals – information for children and young people, 04/10/13 [W]

This leaflet from the Welsh Government gives information aimed at children and young people on school organisation proposals.


How was school today? Parents’ and carers’ guide to Primary / Secondary School, 11/03/13 [W]

This is the Welsh Government’s guide for parents and carers, with information to help them take an active part in their child’s education.


Working in Early Years and Childcare, 31/05/12 [W]

The Care Council for Wales has produced an e-leaflet about working in Early Years and Childcare.