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Welsh Government: Readiness for Additional Learning Needs (ALN) reform response, 16/10/2018 [W]


The Welsh Government has responded to Estyn’s report and recommendations on readiness for Additional Learning Need reforms.

The original report, ‘Readiness for Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Reform’ was requested from Estyn by the Cabinet Secretary for Education. The Cabinet Secretary requested information on how ready maintained education settings are to implement ALN reforms.

The report made a number of findings, which are summarised in the Welsh Government’s response. It made one recommendation, which was that local authorities remain up to date on the guidance and training materials produced by Welsh Government to support the implementation.

The Welsh Government welcomed the findings, acknowledged that there were aspects that needed strengthening, and that there were many positives that formed a good foundation to implement ALN reforms in Wales.

You can read the full response here.