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Welsh Government Action Plan to advance equality for transgender people, 09/03/16 [W]


The Welsh Government has published an Action Plan to drive forward equality for transgender people.

The introduction of the Future Generations Act has provided an opportunity for the Welsh Government to better integrate a plan for the advancement of equality for transgender people. The action plan will specifically contribute to the ‘more equal Wales’ well-being goal under the Act, as well as goals around cohesive communities, health and culture.

The Welsh Government undertook a 12 week consultation and further discussions with their trans stakeholders and trans young people to inform the plan. The discussions provided a platform for sharing experiences of being transgender and how this has impacted on many aspects of their lives.

Young people will be supported through the funding of Trans*Form Cymru project, which supports and empowers young trans people to access their rights. The project also provides support to organisations working with young people to address the issues around exclusion and discrimination that trans people often face. This is particularly important as young people tend to be coming out at an earlier age.

Visit the Welsh Government website for more information.