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Wales Audit Office Report: Fuel Poverty


The Wales Audit Office (WAO) has published its report into the Welsh Government’s progress against its fuel poverty targets.

WAO pointed out that while the Welsh Government hadn’t met its target, it seemed to have taken actions which contributed to a reduction in fuel poverty.

The number of households in fuel poverty has decreased by over half, in the ten years between 2008 and 2018, the WAO said, but the Welsh Government failed to meet its target of eradicating fuel poverty by 2018.

The WAO said that the Welsh Government’s targets, “to eradicate fuel poverty among all vulnerable groups by 2010, in social housing by 2012 and in the general population in 2018”, were highly ambitious. Reducing fuel poverty is complex, the Office noted, and that “some key causes, such as household income and the cost of energy, lie partly or entirely outside” the Welsh Government’s control.

WAO made a number of recommendations to the Welsh Government to consider as it considers a new fuel poverty plan.