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Social Metrics Commission Report 2019, 29/07/2019 [W/E/S/N.I.]


The Social Metrics Commission has published a report examining the ‘extent and nature of poverty in the UK today’. Its analysis shows how poverty has changed from 2000/01 to now.

Amongst the key findings, the report shows that: ‘There are 14.3 million people in poverty in UK,’ including ‘8.3 million working-age adults; 4.6 million children; and 1.3 million pension-age adults.’

The report shows that over all rates of poverty haven’t changed much since 2000/01 and that the biggest changes have been the rates of poverty among different groups. Poverty amongst children dropped initially then raised, from 31% in 2014/15 to 34% now.

You can read the full report on the Social Metric Commission’s website.