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Poverty and children’s personal and social relationships, 30/03/16 [W, E, S, NI]


The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has published a report into the associations between poverty and a child’s relationship with their parents, siblings and peers.

The report, based on data from the Millennium Cohort Study, calls for better understanding of how living with low income affects children in order to effectively measure and address poverty in the UK. The role of poverty in shaping relationships is less well understood than the effects it has on a child’s education and health.

The report found that children aged 11 persistently experiencing poverty were:

  • More likely to fall out with friends ‘most days’
  • More likely to bully or fight others
  • More likely to experience bullying most days
  • More likely to play alone
  • Less likely to have a good friend
  • Less likely to be liked by others
  • Less likely to talk to their friends about their worries

Visit the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website to access the full report.