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NSPCC: How safe are our children? 2019, 25/06/2019 [W]


NSPCC have published their annual report into child protection, ‘How safe are our children? 2019’.

Normally this report covers current child protection data from across the UK for the relevant year.

This year, however, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is going to compile the statistics on child abuse. The first sets of data for England and Wales are expected in Winter 2019/2020.

With the ONS doing this work, NSPCC has instead decided to focus their report on online abuse.

The report’s key findings include increases in the numbers and rates of online child sexual offences in England and Wales recorded by the police, amongst other things.

The report also includes policy calls, which focus mainly on asking the UK government to create a regulator to hold social media companies accountable.