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National Survey for Wales 2017-18 Poverty and deprivation


The results from the latest National Survey for Wales were published by the Welsh Government on 20 February 2019, covering the period from 2017-18. The survey runs all year round and involves over 11,000 people.

The survey report includes a statistical bulletin on poverty and deprivation. The key findings from this include:

  • 39% of parents with three or more children, and 49% of single parents, are materially deprived
  • 4% of adults had gone at least one day without a substantial meal during the last fortnight, and 2% cannot afford to eat meat (or equivalent) at least every other day
  • 46% of people living in social housing are materially deprived
  • 37% of people in material deprivation are lonely, compared with 12% of those who are not deprived
  • 59% of materially deprived people were highlight satisfied with life, compared with 87% of non-deprived people

You can find the full results from the survey, including the Statistical Bulletin, on the Welsh Government website.