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How did the media and politicians in the UK discuss poverty in 2015? 02/12/15 [W, S, NI, E]


This report, from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, assess the way politicians in the UK discussed issues relating to poverty during the 2015 election campaign, as well as and how accurate these discussions actually were.

During the elections the term ‘poverty’ was used infrequently in debates, with the main focus on jobs and welfare. The term poverty was more often used in reference to global poverty by politicians rather than that of the UK, this was then mirrored in the media as an international issue. As a result, charities may need to choose alternative words to describe poverty in order to evoke the experience in a UK context.

Discussions surrounding poverty are also often clouded by a lack of irregular measures for evaluating the issue. For example, one party claims that child poverty has fallen whilst another stated that it has risen. These conflicting statements result from irregular measures, with one side referring to relative child poverty whilst the other refers to absolute.

The full report can be downloaded from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website.