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KidsRights Index 2018


The KidsRights Foundation have published their index of countries’ progress on children’s rights.

An initiative of the KidsRights Foundation, working with Erasmus University Rotterdam: School of Economics and the International Institute of Social Studies, the index ranks all the UN member states that have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Index ranks all of the countries on five domains; Right to Life, Health, Education and Protection and whether the country has an Enabling Environment for Child Rights.

Norway leads the table, with Iceland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland filling out the remaining spaces in the top five.

The UK, out of 182 countries included in the Index, is ranked overall 173.

KidsRights Index note that ‘Per-state performances are not measured in terms of the absolute contributions to children’s rights, but are judged on countries’ efforts relative to their socioeconomic capabilities. The United Kingdom’s extremely low ranking, for example, does not in itself indicate that children are worse off there than those who life in less wealthy countries. It does mean, however, that the UK has underperformed drastically compared to its socioeconomic standing and capabilities.’

To look at the KidsRights Foundation’s methodology and read the report in full, please visit the KidsRights Index website.