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‘Keeping Safe?’ Better support needed for children at risk of sexual exploitation, 09/08/2019 [W]


New research from Cardiff University shows that better support is needed for children at risk of sexual exploitation (CSE).

The research examined the cases of a group of young people who were involved with children’s services in 2006. They were assessed for their risk of sexual exploitation.

A significant factor in increased risk was moving children from their accommodation. The research showed that the more a young person was moved, the higher their chances of becoming victims of CSE later. The more a young person was moved, the higher the likelihood that they would experience abuse in intimate early adulthood relationships, having an unstable housing situation and being unemployed or out of education.

The most beneficial type of support was to have a supportive adult in their life, with one to one work the intervention that was most likely to help. Common responses to CSE, like healthy relationships education, did not have a positive impact for most young people, the report said, and sometimes made things worse.

The full report, “Keeping Safe?” An analysis of the outcomes of work with sexual exploited young people in Wales, is available from the Cardiff University website.