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Health and Happy – Estyn reports on embedding wellbeing in school life, 12/06/2019 [W]


Estyn has published a report looking at how well schools in Wales support the health and wellbeing of their pupils.

The report says that the best schools include messages about health and wellbeing in lessons, assemblies and in policies, and that these messages match pupil’s experience of health and wellbeing at the school.

Two thirds of primary schools and a third of secondary schools are very good at supporting pupils. Most other schools support pupils well in lots of ways, but the support isn’t consistent across the whole school.

The report points out specific examples of best practice in schools across Wales. It recommends taking a whole-school approach to support all pupil’s health and wellbeing. It also recommends training new teachers to understand and support pupils.

Young Wales, Children in Wales’ participation initiative, is currently involved in coordinating a youth board to help Welsh Government develop a whole-school approach to mental health problems. You can keep up with the work that Young Wales and Children in Wales is doing using our Keep In Touch form.