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The EU Referendum and the third sector in Wales, 26/04/16 [W]


The WCVA has published a briefing paper on the EU Referendum and the third sector in Wales.

The paper offers regulatory guidance for charities considering public involvement in the Referendum debate, in addition to information on WCVA’s position and role.

Although the UK is one of 10 member states who pay more into the EU budget than they get back, Wales is a net beneficiary of EU membership, meaning that Wales gets more money back from the EU than is paid towards membership. Under the current EU programming period, 2014-2020, Wales received £1.8bn through European Structural and Investment Funds. Wales also benefits from EU membership in terms of health and well-being, through legislation for air and water quality, food standards and waste and recycling.

Wales has over 30,000 third sector organisations, in 2013, these organisations employed 33,496 people, equivalent to 2.5% of all employees in Wales. Large groups of third sector organisations exist in advocacy and advice, housing, social services, preschool, child and youth services, health services and community development.

Visit the WCVA website for more information.